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wp large screen

This isn’t really a answer to a question. More like a question to be answered.

Developing a site in word press. I have noticed that at times pictures are messed up. I have finally figured out why the pictures are pixelated and a work around that sucks currently.

But anyways here is what the pictures look like on a large screen:
wp large screen

This is what it looks like on a small screen note the clarity!
wp small screen

NOTE: By screen I mean if you are on a pixel dense screen like my computer monitors are defaulted at 1320 X 1200 if you resize the browser window you will see these changes automaticly. Or look on pixel dense screen and then on a mobile device.

Anyways. So after looking into this. Contacting the theme maker I then took the problem solving into my own hands.

First off the reason why these pictures look like this is because when uploading the pictures for this view. The word press theme auto creates a picture with pixels of 300×300. When you scale this past 300×300 you picture loses detail and becomes pixelated. This is just how it works I won’t get into the technical info on why this happens like this.
There is no way to change the auto settings so my work around has you resizing your pictures to be somewhere between 420 x 420 and 300×300. Depending on what you want. My pictures for this test have been formatted to 420 x 215 just to see if it works! Then you save and upload the picture to where your picture that is being used is located named the same.

Word press will grab your newly formatted picture and it will look great!
wp new size

As you can see the size of this is now not uniform. So we will have to decide what we want to make the picture look like. If it should have a frame or format it alittle different and crop. Just to make all thumbnails look uniform.

But as you can see how sharp this picture is compared to the others now!!

— If you have any questions let me know. I will get back to you with answers as soon as possible.

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