How to Add SSL to your site

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Now a days to protect your visitors even if you are not taking info from them. Its a good idea to encrypt your site. That way it can be verified that you are the one actually communicating with them. Not a 3rd party site trying to pretend that they are you.

If you have any questions on how to do this please don’t hesitate to message me we will work hard on getting it fixed for your site just go to the contact page

What you will need:
Connection to Cpanel
Connection to Site FTP(File transfer Protocol)
Internet Connection

1) Go to Cpanel -> Install SSL/TLS or Cpanel SSL/TLS
2) Under this page go to Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS)
3) Open another webpage go to
4) Enter your email, and then your site name like the following “” replace the name of my site for your site.
5) Accept TOS and Lets Encrypt SA
6) Click Next
7) Site will Generate
8) click Next
9) Site will Generate
10) Make sure HTTP Verify is selected in bottom left
11) Download with little down arrow pointing to what looks like a computer for both RSA Private and Certificate
12) Click Next
13) Page will change click download for both files
14) Once files are downloaded connect to FTP for your site
15) In the root(public_html) where your site is locate put the folder named “.well-known” then inside of that make folder named “acme-challenge” then put the downloaded files into there.
16) Click next
17)Then at the top of the page you will see Your certificate is ready!
18) Take note of your Account ID
19) Download both files that are listed on the screen.
20) In first box highlight whole section from:
Copy this
21) Go to your install SSL paste this info into Certificate: (CRT) Box
23) Paste this into the Private Key (KEY) box
24) Last Step click Install Certificate at the bottom of the page for Cpanel

Then the cpanel will say installed successfully. Now if you go to your site like this you will have SSL encryption for 3 months. The zerossl site will notify you when the certificate is about to expire. Just update it when the time comes and you are all good to go.

Also if you have questions about adding SSL or auto redirecting your site to encrypted version just message me and I will help you any way I can.

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