Don’t Fall for Scams

spam message

If you get an email from someone that looks like this:

spam message

This is definitely not Warren Buffet. He is not going to give me money! This may seem legit to a lot of other people but really look at the from email. That doesn’t even look like a normal website. = real email is

This is how I know this is not for real! So don’t fall for something like this! They are just going to ask for your info and then us it to steal your identity.

There was also a email that someone I know got that says that they owe 825 dollars and that the company is Cash Loan INC. If you have never heard of the company. Most likely it is a scam or they are trying to get your infomation.

Also if you get a call and they tell you to make a payment. Ask them for their location and how to send payment. That way you can do your research and verify they are who they say they are. Also if they threaten you with being arrested. Know that you can not be arrested for civil debts. If you owe the IRS they have to send you a certified letter first. They will try to contact you in the mail first. Not on the phone or through email. Just make sure they are not trying to rip you off first!

Thanks for reading!

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