Do you want more traffic?

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So there is 2 main ways to get more traffic to your site. If your not doing these. You shouldn’t even waste your time trying anything else yet. These are the foundations to all SEO ( search engine optimization)

1) Content – get content out there, anything and everything in your field.

2) Pay Per Click Ads – this will get people on your site!

So the main thing is if your not telling people what you have and what you offer. Or not trying to get them some information about what services they want to use then you are not going to get them to your site.

With content this works a couple of way. First way is you can create pages that have information about that particular service. Then a page linking to that about your a feature of that particular service. Example: If you offer lawn mowing services. That would be a main page. Then a sub page under that would be you talking about your equipment or different ways to mow to make the grass look really good.

This will get you hooked into the system and help people find you quicker! Get too it!

Also you then can port this info over to Social Media. Tell your story and more free advertising! Just get to work on it!!

Pay Per Click Ads are really self explanatory. You pay a service to display your add. Then every time someone clicks you. You pay a fee for that. But you don’t even want to do any of this if you don’t have the content to keep people. Because then your just wasting the money on it.

The ad is like a big shiny thing to attract attention. Then the content is why they chose you to do business with!

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